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A Combination of Keto Diet and Phentermine May Double Your Weight Loss

The combination of using keto and phentermine is quite tempting to those eager to lose weight. On the one hand, keto is a proven diet regime, while phentermine is considered to be the best weight loss drug available. And if you combined the two? Would such a combination compound the results, and what would the risks be?

The keto diet (also known as the ketogenic diet) is a highly popular and much-used weight loss plan today. It works by using a very low carbohydrate diet and promises rapid weight loss in a very short time.

There is a standard keto diet among the various permutations, and this is based around a diet that consists of three-quarters fat, 20 percent protein, and five percent carbohydrates. So only 5 percent of one’s calorific intake every day is from carbohydrates, which equates to only 19 grams (or 75 calories) for someone needing 1,500 calories daily.

At the same time, phentermine suppresses the appetite and is prescribed for short term weight loss in obese people. Its use is always in conjunction with a healthy diet and other behavioral changes, such as exercise.

Phentermine is prescribed to otherwise healthy people who suffer from obesity and who cannot seem to lose that weight from dieting and activity alone. It is prescribed for people who have a type of obesity which is caused by behavioral traits such as eating far too much and not being active enough.

A Dietary Success Story with Keto-Phentermine Combination

There is a success associated with the use of these two taken together. This is corroborated by experts in their field.

A research study from the Center for Weight Management at Roseville, California, reported being able to reduce the weight of an obese patient by 28 percent with the use of a keto and phentermine combination.

In this case, a very low carb keto diet was given to the patient together with phentermine. A multivitamin, vitamin D, as well as some other supplemental nutrients, were also given to the patient. It was recorded that the patient managed to lose 50 pounds over six months while on this course of treatment.

The clinician heading this study, Dr. Ed J. Hendricks, reported that this particular diet regime was not unusual, saying that there were frequent successes of this nature achieved when an aggressive regime like this was implemented, which was likened to a combination of behavioral therapy, pharmacotherapy, and diet therapy.

Many obesity specialists now apparently favor this kind of treatment for treating overweight people, and in particular when the condition of the patient is quite grave, sometimes insulin resistant, sometimes with metabolic syndrome and in any case prone to diabetic conditions.

The Risks of a Keto-Phentermine Combo

There are those experts in the field who assert that the combination of keto and phentermine does more harm than good and that the harm lies in the combination itself, largely due to the interaction of the two being unknown to thorough medical research.

For the medical community, there are two main prevailing concerns:

1. The keto and phentermine combination is not tested and is therefore unknown

There is as yet no or very little evidence to support the combination of a keto diet with phentermine as a trusted weight loss therapy. The results of this combination in the long term are unknown because such an interaction has never been studied in the long term, therefore this must raise certain valid safety concerns.

There is indeed some evidence that this could be quite dangerous. It is known, for example, that while taking Qsymia one should not also be on a keto diet or an atkins diet, or any other diet which advocates a low-carbohydrate with the high-fat regime.

2. The keto diet was never designed for the long term

Conventional dietary wisdom tells us that the only diets which truly work are the long term plans which allow sustained improvements. It is very difficult for an ultra-restrictive regime like the keto diet to be sustained for several years, as it was never designed for that, being only a temporary measure to facilitate weight loss up to a certain cut-off target.

With so-called diet fads, experience has shown that people tend to pile on the pounds again once the normal diet has been resumed. This is thought to be true of the keto diet more than others because of the attribution of bodily water loss as such a high proportion of total weight loss.

The keto diet undermines phentermine’s own objectives.

Phentermine was intended always as an adjunct of lifestyle changes which were themselves central to the original prescription. The intention is to “jump-start” one’s weight loss and not to replace healthy lifestyle choices such as good exercise and regular activity.

Phentermine is intended to be used for only three months, and during this time it is important that these healthier lifestyle choices be implemented. It is not, and never was intended to be, a quick fix solution. Therefore some experts suggest it is not a good idea to try this keto and phentermine combination over the long term.

The healthier lifestyle and exercise choices cannot be replaced by pharmaceuticals!


It is imperative that if you are thinking about taking these two in the combination you should talk it over with your doctor in the first instance.

The Keto-Phentermine success story mentioned above was conducted under proper medical expert supervision; furthermore, phentermine should not be used unless it is prescribed by a qualified clinician, and also in conjunction with a healthy diet regime.

The keto diet means that you are removing an entire dietary group – carbohydrates in this case – from your body, and this poses significant risks over the long term, even in people who are otherwise perfectly healthy. Of course, this risk is increased when the patient has pre-existing conditions.

Any danger which is already indicated by the keto diet is likely to be made worse by the addition of Phentermine or Qsymia into the picture. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is that you talk to an appropriate clinician before embarking on any such potentially hazardous venture.

There is always the option of using something less strong than phentermine in conjunction with the keto diet, such as diet supplements which you can buy over the counter. But get that advice anyway!

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