Constipation While Taking Phentermine

Tips to Avoid or Reduce Constipation While Taking Phentermine

While a patient is taking the weight loss drug phentermine, he or she is prone to higher chances of being affected by constipation. Constipation can, in turn, reduce the ability of a person to lose weight due to the retention of waste in the body that a person cannot dispose of accordingly.

Several methods can be utilized to combat this condition, a common side effect of phentermine usage, allowing it to work in assisting with optimal weight loss.

Why does Taking Phentermine cause Constipation?

Constipation is a condition during which there is less bowel movement than usual or none at all. Taking phentermine causes stimulation to the nervous system, which results in, among other things, the body to dehydrate.

Dehydration is one of the leading causes for the condition of constipation. This is due to there being a lower level of water present in the body, and therefore less ability of the body to eject waste through stool, as the waste is about 75% water-based.

Constipation can also stem from stress, anxiety, or depression. These mental health conditions are some of the other side effects of phentermine usage.

Before taking phentermine or ordering it from an online pharmacy, a patient should be evaluated for any of these conditions and be aware of them.

With such conditions, a person tends to consume less food. This slows down the digestive system potentially resulting in constipation.

People should be wary of online pharmacies, which are known for providing fake pills to persons who attempt to get around getting the prescription for the actual drug.

Therefore it is vital to ensure that when acquiring and before taking phentermine, it is with a prescription, and provided by a reliable and reputable online drugstore.

It is also important to consider that taking the legitimate weight loss medication with a proper prescription may not lead to constipation as a side effect when taken as directed, while the results of taking questionable drugs acquired in an ill-reputed online pharmacy can have unpredictable or harmful side effects.

What Measures can be Taken to Reduce or Avoid Constipation while Taking Phentermine?

Drinking excessive amounts of water

As noted earlier, one of the major reasons for constipation is that the body suffers from dehydration. Replenishing the body’s water levels will keep the dehydration chances down, lessening the chances of constipation.

It is also good to remember that drinking lots of water is a part of a healthy lifestyle, and more pointedly, can induce a level of weight loss in and of itself.


Regular exercise and a consistent workout regimen are of great assistance in weight loss. Moderate to vigorous levels of excise are of great help in increasing bowel movements, lowering the chances of constipation.

The lack of exercise, however, will likely serve as only increasing the chances of constipation, without weight loss.

Consumption of Foods with a High Content of Fiber

One of the best recommendations for reducing the chances of constipation is to take in foods that are rich with fiber content.

Prioritizing insoluble fibers over soluble ones is recommended as these fibers tend to not add weight, but allow a person to stay feeling fuller and less hungry. Insoluble fibers are generally found in fruits and vegetables. Such foods are advantageous in combating constipation and allowing optimal benefits from phentermine and other weight reduction drugs.

Reduce stress

As noted earlier, stress and anxiety are a big contributing factor to bouts of constipation. Therefore, reducing stress levels is a helpful method of lessening the chances of its occurrence. Use of stress-relieving techniques and relaxation exercises such as yoga or meditation can help with stress reduction if it is an obvious contributing factor to constipation.

Taking prunes

Rich with insoluble fibers, prunes are a natural way of inducing bowel movements. This is an effective and organic technique of reducing constipation by spurring more frequent bowel activity.

Handling Constipation

Constipation that may be triggered as a side effect of phentermine usage can mostly be handled and mitigated by the patient who is taking the drug.

By following the techniques outlined above, and in general, leading a healthy lifestyle, filled with high water consumption, reduced stress, and regular exercise, a person can greatly reduce the effects of constipation and its occurrence overall.

Of course, people who are not taking phentermine experience constipation for a litany of other reasons, so the methods and tips outlined above can be equally helpful and effective for those struggling with constipation unrelated to weight loss drug consumption.

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