Cheat Day on Phentermine

Can I have a Cheat Day on Phentermine?

If you are having trouble eating healthily, even when you’ve got phentermine on your side to help out, then having a cheat day – a day where dieters let themselves enjoy their favorite treats – could make it easier to stick to a diet. Is it such a good idea to have this day of […]

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Boost Phentermine Weight Loss by Eating More Protein

Do you get enough protein from your diet? Do you know how much protein you even need? Protein is vital for maintaining proper health. It also helps suppress appetite and helps you stay full when taking phentermine. However, there are far too many people who don’t get enough protein. Today we’ll be looking at how […]

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Guide to Phentermine and Coffee

The Ultimate Guide to Phentermine and Caffeine

Something that most phentermine users will discuss is combining the phentermine weight loss drug with caffeinated beverages like coffee. Is this something that your doctor talked to you about when prescribing the drug? Do you know if you can drink coffee while taking phentermine?  […]

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Find a Bariatric Physician

How to Find a Bariatric Physician (Weight Loss Doctor)

A bariatric physician is a doctor that has received specialized training in bariatric medicine, which is the field of medical weight management. They are able to treat obese and overweight patients through a variety of methods including nutrition and diet, exercise, medications, behavioral therapy and surgery, or some combination thereof depending on their needs. […]

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How Can I Get Phentermine

Ways to Get Phentermine without Breaking the Law

Phentermine is one of the most efficient and famous diet drugs on the market. It comes recommended by those who have used it to successfully lose weight. The problem with phentermine for weight loss is that you can’t purchase it without a prescription. How can you get Phentermine?  […]

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Taking Phentermine

When and How Should I Take Phentermine?

If you are losing weight using phentermine and want to get the very best from the prescription, then you should make sure you follow the instructions the prescribing doctor gives you. Even with those instructions, you may be confused if things weren’t laid out clearly enough when you picked your phentermine prescription up from the […]

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Phentermine for Man

Phentermine for Men; What are the Differences?

Do you sometimes feel that phentermine, and everything associated with it, is targeted at women? We’ve felt that way too, so you aren’t the only ones. Don’t let the marketing fool you though, there are plenty of men taking phentermine. Today we’ll be focusing on our male readers with a post dedicated to men. We’ll […]

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phentermine diabetes

Phentermine and Diabetes; Everything You Need to Know

Today we’ll be taking a look at the different kinds of diabetes, how weight factors into diabetes management, and the research around phentermine and diabetes. There are an estimated 415 million people living with diabetes around the world. National Diabetes Statistics Report 2017 suggests that around 23.1% of the adult population in the United States […]

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