Do Phentermine Weight Loss Pills Affect Your Libido?

Phentermine weight loss drugs have been used to cure obesity for over 50 years. Phentermine works as an appetite suppressant to cut down on food consumption, which is necessary in order to lose weight. Phentermine affects your Central Nervous System and, much like any drug that does, comes with a number of possible side effects.

One of the side effects associated with phentermine weight loss pills is an altered libido, or a change in sexual desire.

The sexual side effects of phentermine generally occur when you start therapy and fade over time. The effects are still enough to cause some men and women to stop taking phentermine altogether however.

One of the reasons that phentermine anti-obesity therapy can affect your libido is because it affects your CNS.

When you take phentermine your body burns through fats at a rapider rate, leading to more stress on your CNS and body. Phentermine will even continue to burn through fat during periods of inactivity.

Your sex drive typically peaks when you’re relaxed. Because phentermine causes stress to the body this means that you may never be relaxed enough to have a good libido.

On the other hand some people report an increase in sexual desire when taking phentermine. As your weight drops off you’ll also notice an increase in your libido over time.

Some people taking phentermine tablets may report temporary erectile dysfunction (ED). Erectile dysfunction is simply when a man fails to achieve or maintain an erection long enough to have sexual intercourse. It can be caused by phentermine weight loss pills and some mental disorders.

Many of the men who take phentermine and report erectile dysfunction as a side effect report that the effect passes after several weeks.

Men may also be prescribed common erectile dysfunction treatments such as Viagra, vitamins, BAAs and herbs to combat the ED until it passes.

Post-marketing studies have also revealed that some men who take phentermine diet pills may report a change in the size of their penis or testicles. This is because of some of the active ingredients in phentermine.

It’s enough to make some men stop taking phentermine. It should be noted this is an entirely temporary effect. If you continue to take phentermine your body will adjust and your testicles and penis will return to their original size.

Phentermine mainly affects your central nervous system. As a result phentermine can cause patients to feel nervous, irritable, and anxious.

One of these side effects may be behind the affected sexual drive. After a few days of phentermine therapy the body adjusts and becomes more resistant to the side effects of phentermine. After this your nervousness and irritability fade and your sexual desire comes back.

Taking phentermine weight loss capsules can cause a noticeable weight loss as early as the first week.

Losing weight brings higher levels of energy and joy to a person. Especially significant weight loss that causes a noticeable difference in appearance. Losing weight leads to higher self-esteem and sexual drive.

If men or women notice that they suffer from sexual side effects when they start taking phentermine anti-obesity pills they should wait it out for a few weeks before making a choice. These sexual side effects are temporary and will pass on their own.

If the sexual side effects persist after a few weeks then you should consult your doctor. They may need to reduce your phentermine dose or offer a different drug in order to combat the side effects.

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3 thoughts on “Do Phentermine Weight Loss Pills Affect Your Libido?

  1. Very interesting read.
    Also helpful for a second time user of Duromine.
    My sexual side effects last year were positive.

  2. I am a female and my sex drive went off the wall. I was horny all the time and thought about sex 24/7 because of Phentermine. Now that I am off of it my desire has definitely dropped.

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