FAQs on Phentermine

Phentermine Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why did the FDA Approve Phentermine?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) studied pre-clinical and clinical trials of Phentermine. From these studies, they were able to conclude that phentermine did indeed provide benefits to obese patients that are greater than the risks.

What are the Benefits of Phentermine?

Phentermine can be used to slow down obesity and help patients lose between 5-15% of their body weight. This weight loss allows the patients to avoid the complications that obesity can cause such as diabetes and hypertension.

What are the Potential Risks of Taking Phentermine?

Post-marketing studies have looked into phentermine and have discovered that it could lead to severe cardiovascular side effects. If you’re already suffered from cardiovascular problems or side effects before, then you’re at a greater risk of suffering them with phentermine.

How Long should Phentermine be Taken?

Phentermine is best used as a short-term therapy for weight loss. It should be taken for between a few weeks and three months. Patients will often lose more weight during the first week of phentermine therapy than during the final stages of taking it.

What is a Safe Phentermine Dose?

If a patient has an allergic reaction to sympathomimetic amines, then they should avoid taking even a small dose of phentermine. If there are no allergic risks, then the highest recommended dose for adults is 30mg of Phentermine or 37.5mg of Phentermine hydrochloride. It’s possible to overdose on Phentermine if one takes more than 30mg a day.

What Should I do if I Overdose on Phentermine?

If you overdose on Phentermine, whether by accident or because of abuse, you need to:

  • Induce vomiting
  • Have your stomach pumped
  • Take an activated carbon

A patient who overdoses on phentermine may be prescribed diazepam or chlorpromazine drugs to deal with the potential psychiatric side effects of a phentermine overdose. This includes hyperactivity, psychosis, and hallucinations.

Can Phentermine help me Lose Weight if I Gained Weight Because of Other Drugs?

Phentermine can help you lose weight regardless of why you put it on in the first place, no matter how obese you are, and no matter your age or gender. Even if your excess weight was caused by another drug, such as an antidepressant, you can consult with your doctor and find out if phentermine is a good choice for weight loss.

Can Phentermine be Taken With Anti-diabetic Drugs?

Phentermine can be taken with antidiabetic drugs such as insulin and metformin. You should discuss the dosages of each drug with your doctor.

Will Phentermine Affect a Pregnant Woman and her Fetus?

Phentermine shouldn’t present an extra threat to a pregnant woman, but it can cause a teratogenic effect and potentially threaten the development of a fetus.

Are There Alternatives to Phentermine?

If you find out that you can’t take phentermine, then there are alternatives that your doctor may prescribe you. There are a few alternative prescription medications for phentermine in the USA. This includes Belvig, Tenuate, Didrex, and Bontril. There are also over-the-counter weight loss pills you can use.

Who Supplies Phentermine Pills in the USA?

Over 20 different companies provide the phentermine diet pills in the USA. The largest and most trusted company selling phentermine in the USA is InvaGen Pharmaceuticals. They gained the trade license necessary to sell phentermine within the USA in 2014.

What Trademarks is Phentermine Sold Under in the USA?

The most popular phentermine brand in the USA is Suprenza, which is a form of chewable tablets, and Adipex-P, which is sold as both capsules and tablets. You can also find phentermine in a US pharmacy under the more common name Phentermine Hydrochloride.

How can I Buy Phentermine Pills in the USA?

If you want to buy phentermine diet pills in the USA, you will need a prescription. Only patients that have a BMI over 27 are eligible to get a phentermine prescription in the USA.

Where Can I Order Phentermine Online?

Before you purchase phentermine online, you need to verify that the online pharmacy you’re looking at has the trade license necessary to sell weight loss products in the USA. You should also be aware that buying and selling phentermine without RX is illegal in the USA.

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