PhenQ Review: Ingredients, Side Effects and Real User Testimonies

PhenQ is an alternative for those who want to get the benefits of Phentermine without a prescription. In this review we’ve included information on the side effects, ingredients and plenty of user feedback.

You don’t have to look hard to find diet pills. Unfortunately a lot of them that don’t work. Even the ones that do work are focused on one small aspect of losing weight. What would you do if there was a pill that combined plenty of the elements of weight loss pills into just one pill? This is exactly what PhenQ is.

There is still the question of if PhenQ is the best weight loss pill there is or if it will leave you disappointed. Let’s answer that question.

How Does PhenQ Help You Lose Weight?

When you start taking PhenQ you are taking a powerful and effective weight loss supplement that makes you lose weight in five different ways. This makes it more effective than different supplements and makes it much easier for you to lose weight.

PhenQ Review: Editor's Choice

Here are the five key ways that PhenQ works:

  1. Boosts the rate your body burns through fat
  2. Stops carbohydrates and fats being stored in your body
  3. Suppresses your appetite and gives you back control over your hunger
  4. Gives you more energy by burning through more calories
  5. Boosts your mood to keep your spirits up while dieting

The best thing about PhenQ is that it is produced and manufactured in facilities that have been approved by the FDA and GMP in the US and UK respectively. Furthermore, every order is backed with a 60 day money-back guarantee.

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1. Boosts the Rate Your Body Burns Through Fat

Boosts the Rate Your Body Burns Through Fat PhenQ helps your body burn through fat in two different ways. The first thing it does is boost your metabolism. This means that your body burns through more calories and increases your energy levels across the whole day.

PhenQ makes use of the brand new and patented α-Lacys Reset formula to stand apart from the crowd of weight loss supplements.

PhenQ also stimulates thermogenesis which raises the temperature of your body. It doesn’t mean you’ll get a fever though. This increased temperature is just enough to burn through fat without damaging your body at all.

2. Halt the Conversion of Fat and Carbohydrates

Halt the Conversion of Fat and Carbohydrates Stopping the conversion of fat and carbohydrates is an essential step to losing weight. This means that less carbohydrates and fat are converted in to body fat. They are used as energy instead of being stored in the body.

Reducing the amount of fat converted in your body like this, along with the other active ingredients of PhenQ, mean that it’s easier to lose the fat that just won’t go away from your hips, thighs, and buttocks.

This conversion is thanks to the ingredients L-Carnitine, Fumrate and Calcium Carbonate. L-Carnitine Fumrate works to get more energy out of your fat. Calcium carbonate is great for your bones and it also tells your body to stop storing fat.

3. Suppressing Your Appetite and Gaining Control Over Your Hunger

Suppressing Your Appetite and Gaining Control Over Your Hunger Two of the reasons people gain weight is because they are unable to control their cravings and control their portion sizes. When you suppress your appetite you will feel satisfied and full without eating nearly as much food.

PhenQ contains Nopal, an ingredient that is rich in fiber and makes it easier for you to feel full while eating less. Taking PhenQ with water causes it to expand in the stomach to make you feel full.

Nopal isn’t the only ingredient that supresses your appetite. PhenQ also contains Chromium Picolinate, which is also a great way to suppress your appetite. It also helps to the drops in blood sugar level that cause you to crave food, and especially sweets, throughout the day.

4. Have More Energy Through Burning More Calories

Have More Energy Through Burning More Calories Everyone appreciates having a nice burst of energy while on a diet. It makes it easier to stick to the diet and also helps you burn more calories through exercise to lose more weight. PhenQ has a number of these energy enhancing ingredients. One of them is caffeine but you’ll also see a significant boost of energy thanks to the α-Lacys Reset formula.

You’d be surprised by the difference just having energy will make. Having this energy means you do more than just think about losing weight because you’re tired. This means losing weight is much more enjoyable thanks to PhenQ.

5. Improves your Mood and Keeps your Spirits Up While Dieting

Improves your Mood and Keeps your Spirits Up While Dieting Being on a diet causes a lot of dieters to have bad moods and be cranky. This is because of how you feel when deprived of your favorite foods.

This bad mood causes issues such as emotional eating and some other problems that make it hard to lose weight. PhenQ has ingredients that boost your mood, stay active, and get the most out of your diet.

Have There Been Clinical Studies?

PhenQ is a lot different from the average diet pill that says it will help you lose weight but doesn’t.

There has been a lot of clinical research to back up the claims of the α-Lacys Reset formula. Each of the ingredients has also been subjected to plenty of research, all of which has proven that they do what they say and can help you remove body fat and lose weight.

weight loss with PhenQ
a-Lacys Reset will fire up your calorie burn rate.

The formula was developed thanks to extensive research and using cutting edge technology. It stimulates your metabolism and improves its efficiency.

It does more than just boost your metabolic rate. It also improves the natural ability of your body to generate heat. This causes an increase in thermogenesis. Thermogenesis causes your body to burn fat at a faster, leaving you with a well-toned slim body gained through natural means.

The only thing PhenQ does is accelerate your natural metabolic and heat production. Everything is completely natural. The α-Lacys Reset formula is also effective at boosting your muscle mass. More muscles causes more calories to be burned naturally.

Clinical studies have been done that have proven the following results when comparing α-Lacys Reset formula to a placebo control group:

  • Body weight was reduced by an average of 3.44%
  • Muscle mass was increased by an average of 3.8%
  • Body fat was reduced by an average of 7.4%

These are some very promising results that may lead you to wonder what ingredients there are in PhenQ.

  • Capsimax Powder – This powder is one of the reasons thermogenesis is boosted. This causes your body temperature to rise, which means calories are burned at a more rapid rate.
  • Calcium Carbonate – Calcium is great for your bones and also helps you lose weight and stay at the right weight.
  • Chromim Pico Linate – Chromium helps to control your blood sugar levels which keeps your cravings for sugar and carbs in check.
  • Caffeine – Caffeine can be found in plenty of weight loss supplements. This is because it improves your mood and keeps you focused, alert and refreshed. It can also help suppress your appetite a little.
  • Nopal – Nopal is fileld with fibers that control your hunger. It also gives you more energy to keep you going as you lose weight.
  • L-Carnitine – This is an amino acid that is used to convert fat in to energy. This means that fat in your body is metabolised faster and you are left with more energy.

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The Potential Side Effects of PhenQ

PhenQ is considered safe and shouldn’t cause serious side effects. It is recommended that you avoid taking PhenQ if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. You should wait until after you stop breastfeeding your child.

If you’re sensitive to caffeine then you should also be careful about when you take PhenQ. You should take your tablets before 3PM to avoid suffering from restlessness and sleepiness.

You may also feel some bloating and constipation when you take fibers like the ones found in Nopal. This kind of response is natural even if you use different fibers. It will go away as your body adjusts.

Important User Feedback

“I’ve always been big but I never worried about it much until I went to college and found myself really packing on the pounds. I lost some weight in my early twenties but it quickly came back. It made me think I was just supposed to be big. Looking back I can see how much I would overeat. PhenQ stopped me from doing that and now I’ve got the body I always wanted but felt I could never have.”

Michael (Testimonial taken from the official product website)

“My son Caden was born a year ago and I never found the time or energy to lose the baby weight. Taking PhenQ made it easier than ever. I started eating a lot less food. I even ate less cookies, which were always my biggest weakness. I’ve also gotten a lot more energy than before. It only took a few months to lose the baby weight in the end.”

Jessica (Testimonial taken from the official product website)

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Our Own Review and Conclusion on PhenQ

There can never really be a replacement for a healthy diet and exercise regime if you’re looking to lose weight. Some people find dieting and exercising is much easier to say than do.

The Pros of PhenQ
The first thing we really liked is that PhenQ actually helps you lose weight and maintain a steady amount of weight loss while dieting.

It’s a supplement that can also help you avoid many problems associated with losing weight. Dieting can cause problems like emotional eating, food craving, and hunger issues. These are problems that make people fail their diet and gain the weight back. PhenQ helps you avoid these problems.

We also like that PhenQ uses a unique combination of ingredients. It is the only supplement that has these ingredients in this combination.

Looking at the ingredient list shows you how much the people behind PhenQ know their stuff. Each ingredient serves a purpose and they come together to give you great levels of weight loss.

The Cons of PhenQ
We don’t like that PhenQ contains caffeine. Caffeine may help keep your energy levels up, but it’s present in almost every supplement and a lot of people drink coffee anyway. We think that it’s better to avoid restlessness and sleeplessness by cutting out this caffeine when most people are drinking coffee anyway.

How You Should Take PhenQ

You will get 60 tablets in each bottle of PhenQ. A bottle should last you a month as you need to take two capsules a day. You should take one with your breakfast and one with your lunch.

It’s also recommended that you take PhenQ with a large glass of water and drink it all. This helps the ingredients settle and work better.

To get the most out of the appetite suppressant aspects of PhenQ you should take it shortly before having a meal rather than with a meal.

Get the Most out of PhenQ with A Special Offer
If you’re interested in taking PhenQ to lose weight then it’s best to buy it straight from the manufacturer. This is the only way to be sure that you’re getting the genuine product. You will also get the best customer support and the best prices for PhenQ.

PhenQ User Reviews

PhenQ Overall rating: ★★★★☆ 4.2 based on 21 reviews.
5 1

Recommended for long term

PhenQ is recommended for long term, while prescribed phenthermine is only allowed for 3 months. Not as strong as the phentermine tough, but PhenQ wont make you dizzi.
- Eriana

must combine with diet + workout

"This supplement works. When I didn't working out or maintaining a healthy diet, not really much happened merely about three pounds a week. but when added walking half an hour 3 times a week along with a balanced diet the weight started flying off. You "CAN'T" keep eating Pizza or any other high fatty junk food examining this product to work. Considering that the weight comes off gradually. In just 25 days I've lost 11 pounds! My Own diet is actually fish, chicken, broccoli, spinach, lean beef, nuts and fruits."
- HotChick81 Gill

Testimonial: happy with the diet pills

I have been very happy with the products i have purchased. I have lost a lot of weight i went from a size 18-20 to a size 12 in only 4 months!! I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about losing weight. I still have more i want to lose so i will continue on my journey!!
- Kevin J

PhenQ worth the money

I lost 10lbs in 20 days. I felt energized. I have been able to maintain during social gatherings (when we mindlessly eat). Worth the money & would recommend to get you started on the right track to feeling good! " (from Miami, Florida )
- Jane M.

Went from 194lbs to 182lbs in 7 weeks

I have been on PhenQ for about 7 wks. I went from 194lbs-182lbs! I seem great. However i do have a dry mouth,which is really good because you then drink more water. I furthermore have problem dropped slumbering I just desire to hold going even though i seem tired. It does decrease your appetite & your taste. Before I actually didn't care what i ate so as long as I ate, now I'm a picky eater. I crave certain nourishment and just consume it, I just don't consume as much. I furthermore discovered if you consume inside 30 min. of taking this product. you don't seem as famished & you really overlook about eating. BTW this is the 1st diet pill i have ever used.
- Hannah Grace

I feel like a new man!

I must confess, I had doubts about PhenQ, but after two months I have one word - amazing!! My waist is smaller, tighter and more defined than I could have ever hoped or imagined. I used to feel a little insecure and shy around the ladies but with my newfound confidence, I can now approach any woman at a bar or nightclub and feel fully confident.
- Brian K

PhenQ : Does This Product Really Work?

Thanks for publishing great information of the PhenQ (Weight Loss) supplement. I read your entire information and found that you post is really informative. I am impress for seeing you products view and its benefit.
- David Jonhnsan

Control of hunger pangs

Breaking the old habit! That’s what I need… stopping those unwarranted food cravings that put me and my body at risk from being overweight or worse yet – obesity. Well, I already broke that habit using PhenQ, and I’m more in control of my hunger pangs now. The best part of it all – I maintain my weight and I can enjoy a healthier and leaner body.
- D4rlene001

Almost as strong as the genuine

So, here is my review: PhenQ does work if you take it daily. I started in September 2nd and have lost 11 pounds. Now I need to tone up my muscles and stomach, so I have started to exercise and getting better results. This product is almost as strong as the genuine phentermine minus that strange feeling. I do really believe, this product motivates me to exercise as I feel more energized since taking PhenQ daily. I'm only 7 pounds from my ideal weight goal.
- Emma T.

My Honest Review on PhenQ

Honestly, I expect more from this product considering the price. I've been taking PhenQ for one month with a 10 pound weight loss with little exercise and a lot of water.
- Holly

Unbelievably fast!

Before I had taken this Phenq, I tried a lot of diet pills and never finished using it. So when I start using PhenQ I was really amazed. This diet pill is unbelievably fast and easy. I lose weight over the summer vacation. So if you want to lose weight, PhenQ is the solution.
- Shirley Kane

Results after 4 weeks: lost 12 lbs

So I needed to wait to post this short review till I'd taken the capsules for a while. It has been 4 weeks now and I'll undoubtedly be reordering. I've lost 12 lbs. PhenQ helps to suppress my cravings and so I'm having few appetite for fast food. Probably the most significant change I've noticed is in the energy level. It might be the added caffeine as informed about on its label, but I don't get jittery or have crashes at all. PhenQ gives me a jump-start and keep going the whole day without having feeling that afternoon sluggishness. Furthermore, I'm now moving more, eating better, and able to keep up with my kids. So, overall i am pleased with the results I have had so far!
- Susanne G.

PhenQ really works!

After using PhenQ, I have losed 20 lbs in just three months.
- Jenny Jasmine

A solution to control my appetite

I'm in college and living on campus. I live a very unhealthy life style that I start gaining weight. I used to weigh 175 lbs. because I always eat takeout food and I could not stop eating. I got tired of this, so I looked for the solution that will help my problem. I watched a video about PhenQ, and I started using it. It really helps me to control my appetite, I feel full all the time, so I eat less. I now weigh 125 lbs. with the help of PhenQ. Why only 4 stars? It's because the price is quite expensive. 😛
- Savannah Baker

PhenQ Reviews

PhenQ really works to lose weight! i must say this one caught up my attention..interesting and full of sense.
- PhenQ Reviews

PhenQ is less offensive!

Whether you’re a regular dieter or someone who is already overweight or obese. For sure, you will benefit from PhenQ and you’ll feel the difference in your body in just a few weeks of use. Unlike Phentermine pill that can cause several adverse side effects. PhenQ is less offensive and you can safely use it to control your weight.
- Priscilla Funning

A bit jittery but it works

I felt a bit jittery but unlike Phentermine. I have been cleaning up the house like no tomorrow way to much energy husband going mad lol.
- Cecile B

Thanks God I found PhenQ

I was phentermine user. But It's too strong for me. PhenQ is mild yet effective. Don't get me wrong, I'm not obese...
- Brenda Jones


I ordered PhenQ got it in today i will start tomorrow and let you know later of my results..
- Rita


Excited to see what happens
- Judy

Placed an order. Finger crossed!

Just placed an order. Can't wait to start my new keto diet with penq journey! Will report/adjust my review rating later.
- Mary Anne

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